Process of treatment and financing options

The treatment process


First session

In order to get to know each other and to discuss the matter of concern, it is usually most helpful to meet in person. Then we can explore current symptoms and talk about what you are hoping to gain from the sessions. Most times I will also be letting you know the tentative diagnosis and we will talk about what the treatment process would be. One of the most important reasons to meet though, would be for both of us to decide if we can see ourselves forming a confidential and trustful therapist client relationship.


Diagnostic phase

Once we decide to work together, we would proceed to the diagnostic phase. It usually takes a couple of sessions in order to explore the respective diagnosis. It may be necessary to complete some questionaires and/or consult a medical professional (Facharzt/ Kinderarzt) in order to specify the diagnosis. This usually takes between 3-5 sessions.

There’s the option of a long term or short term therapy, depending on what the health insurance requires and the nature of the concern.



The therapy sessions usually take place once or twice a week, sometimes every two weeks, depending on which frequency is most useful or fitting. Children and youth can take an active part in deciding which direction the treatment is going. Most effective results can be expected around a high level of compliance.

Around every 3-4 sessions there will be a consultation with the parents or carers. I also offer consultations for parents only, depending on the nature of the concern. If the children are below the age of 6 and haven’t started school yet, the sessions would take a more playful and creative approach.

The end of the treatment is usually determined between patient and therapist and/or the parents, although there is also a limit set by how many sessions are covered by the insurance. Sometimes it makes sense to keep longer intervals between sessions when approaching the end.

The cost of treatment

Private health insurance

The start of treatment for patients with private health insurance is usually pretty straight forward. It can help to check with the individual insurance company first, to see how many sessions there are included in the respective insurance package, in order to claim back the payment afterwards. I usually send out the invoices at the end of the month, the fees comply with the GOP (Gebührenordnung für Psychotherapeuten), which is the statutory scale of fees for psychotherapists in Germany.

Public health insurance of the BKK VBU

Persons insured by the BKK VBU can get treatment via their insurance, as I hold a direct contract with that particular provider. Unfortunately no other public health insurance is covered. Appointments are given out via the BKK VBU or enquire via email.

Self payers

Some clients opt for paying themselves for the treatment. This is a good option specifically for all those, who are wanting advice unrelated to a mental health diagnosis, as for all treatment via the health insurances (may it be private or public insurance) a diagnosis is mandatory. This option is straight forward and uncomplicated. I usually send out the invoices at the end of the month, the fees comply with the GOP (Gebührenordnung für Psychotherapeuten), which is the statutory scale of fees for psychotherapists in Germany. Please enquire via email.

About me

As a child and adolescent psychotherapist, I offer treatments with a focus on the behavioral therapy approach in my practice in Berlin.

Range of services

My services include, among other things, behavioral therapy treatment, coaching and advice for parents. I would be happy to give you an overview of the focus of my work and various therapy options.


Consultations or treatments are only possible by prior appointment. For an appointment or if you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.